Spotify and Profit-making


Spotify and Profit-making

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To whom it may concern, and ultimately it concerns all of us Spotify Premium addicts, I just read an "article" by some millennial rating all the music streaming services by how badly (or not badly) they are "**bleep**ed." Spotify was ranked the 2nd-least-**bleep**ed service after iTunes' thing; however, the writer made it abundantly clear that:


1) Spotify STILL isn't making money,


and 2) the payout to musicians (or music-rights holders) is still lousy, which I know Spotify isn't at fault for; it's just a sad facet of the times.


I know there's no easy answer here, but I've posted this before, and I'll post it again. The free-loaders must go. For those who cannot afford $10 a month, they can go elsewhere, and in all honesty such services should cost more so that the bands can make more off our allegiances to their artistry. I couldn't care less about millionaire pap-pop stars. I'm looking at metal bands specifically, those who have to hack it out in the trenches of bars, clubs, being opening acts, second-stage festivals, etc.


Yes, ditching the free-loaders will make Spotify's numbers go down, and all kinds of losers will play games with a new email addy every time their trial period ends. **bleep** 'em. They aren't giving back to the company they follow or the musicians they listen to. Drop them by the millions and see who pays up. Double the price: I'll pay it.


I believe in Spotify and the massive amount of music if has. I am loyal. The business model needs to change for the good of the company, and the good of the music industry overall. Spotify can be the leader in a true Premium service for music lovers willing to pay for their passion.


Thank you sincerely.

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Re: Spotify and Profit-making

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Haha, I guess the wizards behind the curtains read my mind:


Fantastic move. Stick to your guns, Spotify, and drop the deadbeats leeching off your awesomeness.