Spotify does not connect to Wifi (Android 10)


Spotify does not connect to Wifi (Android 10)







Nokia 7 Plus

Operating System

Android 10

My Spotify does not work when WiFi connection is used; it only connects using cellular data. My other apps are working perfectly when I'm connected to the wifi. More so, my Spotify in my laptop works using the same WiFi connection. My offline mode is also turned off but still, I can't play songs because it says "No Internet Connection Available".

I've tried all the possible solutions I can find here in the community. I've tried uninstalling the app, reinstalling, logging out then logging in, clearing cache, clearing data, restarting the phone, restarting the router, resetting the network/bluetooth, updating my phone system, updating to the latest Spotify app, connecting to other WiFi connections and ultimately, as frequently mentioned in troubleshooting: "In android settings go to 'Apps&Notifications', there go to the Spotify App, then go to 'Mobile data & Wi-Fi'. There is an option 'Wi-Fi disabled'."

Unfortunately, none of those solutions worked. 😞 I did not see a WiFi option for Android 10. The only options available were "Background Data" and Unrestricted Data Usage". I've also sought help from Nokia Customer Care because I thought it could be a phone-related issue. The agent suggested it could be that the WiFi option is limited to Android 9 or other versions except 10. 

Help. How can I enable the wifi option for Spotify? Or what other possible options can be done to make the app work when connected to the wifi?

Thank you.