Spotify enhancing effects of populism - forced localization


Spotify enhancing effects of populism - forced localization



For a while I'm been following the progress on dropping the forced localization of  podcasts. Needless to say nothing has changes since this topic was first brought up 4-5 years ago.


Why am I forcefed playlists of Swedish podcasts? Just because I'm based in Stockholm doesn't mean I think the world revolves around us. Sure you may counter with "you can just search for the podcast you want". But that makes the process ardous if I don't have a clue which podcast to listen to in Venezuela for example. These questions can be addressed to your forced recommendations of swedish songs as well. Why can't I choose to see the 'audio world' from a turkish or polish perspective without having a credit card connected to Istanbul or Sucre?


In a world where populism is one the rise I think you should help people better understand each other. I hence urge you, spotify, to at least add an option to view things (especially podcasts!) from a local perspective or another countrys perspective (or even a global perspective). 


As you wrote somewhere in your values.. We’re stronger together. Lets try to break borders instead of building virtual walls.