Spotify is translating Russian artist names into Latin characters, why?


Spotify is translating Russian artist names into Latin characters, why?




Recently, like a couple of weeks back, Spotify is not longer showing the original Russian artist name in the library (Cyrillic characters), all artists with a cyrillic (mainly Russian) name has been transcripted into Latin characters, why is that and how do I change it back to original format? I found this issue only on the mobile app (iOS) in the beginning, but now it's also an desktop issue.


Track titles and album titles are still in Russian cyrillic, but the artist name is "translated" into Latin characters, which is annoying if you use platforms suchs as, it stores incorrect scrobblings.


When I search for a specific artist in the Spotify API, I see they are storing the original artist name and an "English/Translated" name so I understand this is something that has been added into the data, but again; how do I change every Russian artist name back into their original format? I tried to change the software language but it doesn't make any effect.


Korean names are still Korean, and Japanese names are still Japanese, why this issue with cyrillic names? It's really annoying.


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Re: Spotify is translating Russian artist names into Latin characters, why?


I have the same issue, all of a sudden ALL russian/ukrainian/belarussian artist names in my library were transliterated into latin script and it's annoying because 1) the song titles are still in cyrillic so if you couldn't read the artst's name when it was in cyrillic you still won't be able to read the titles, 2) latin script is NOT EVERYONE's default/native script, plus 3) it absolutely messes up my scrobbles - it started counting them again, plus it merged some artists with completely unrelated ones, so now e.g. instead of her tracks are scrobbled to, together with apparently 13 other artists who share the same latinised name, and since the most popular Luna is some K-pop gal, whose name is actually 루나, most of the pictures on the artist page look like soft-core 80's **bleep** (-____-)

I don't believe it was the "artists choice" as it happened suddenly and to ALL artists. I hope Spotify will give us the CHOICE of whether or not we want to have the names transliterated into latin script, and then apply the same rules to ANY script - be russian, korean, japanese, or hebrew.