The Darn "Available Offline" Button


The Darn "Available Offline" Button

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Hey there developers,
Thank you for making my favorite app in the world. I love using Spotify, and I can't stop recommending it to my friends. I used to have an Android phone and the app was marvelous. Recently I switched to iOS. While the iPad app is great, I am not such big fan of the iPhone app. The app seems a little outdated, but I got past that. The thing that bothers me the most is the so easy to press by accident,"Available Offline" button right on top of the playlists. I have accidentally pressed this button so many times, which means I have to go back and re-sync all my songs. It would be better if this option was placed elsewhere in my opinion. Other than that, the app is great.
Thank you very much again.
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Re: The Darn "Available Offline" Button

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sacchezaj127 first let me say Welcome to the Community!, second we appreciate your feedback, perhaps you can post an idea for it in the idea exchange 🙂

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Re: The Darn "Available Offline" Button

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The application won't immediately delete content if you accidentally press the button, normally its just a case of going online again, marking the playlist as available offline once more and should appear to sync really quickly since it doesn't need to redownload the content since it is still cached in offline storage. 


Not an ideal solution I know, but in theory it should save on data usage! 



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Re: The Darn "Available Offline" Button


But if you have local files added to your playlist (I have 300 of them), then it's a matter of going home, sitting by your computer and making sure your phone and computer don't go idle while 300 local files sync. That's the pain in the butt part.