Thing to to make you respect life!


Thing to to make you respect life!

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I was diagnosed with cancer on February this year. At the beginning I was trying to stay positive but one can't help on human nature to start thinking the bad possibilities also.


I went through some CT scans and blood tests etc. to confirm the diagnosis.

I was scheduled for an urgent surgery within 2 weeks time to remove the tumor.


... a month goes by ... after the surgery ...


I get a new diagnosis from the cancer clinic saying:


Your cancer free until proven otherwise.

the CT scans didn't show any spearding and the blood tests didn't show any cancer cells left.


This shock my world. I was already thinking loads of things including:


"Will I not be here to see my son grow up" He is 2 btw...


Now I was told, I'v got a life again.


Spotify has been with me the whole time during this process.

I'v been listeting to loads of songs with new inspiration.

I'v found the words in songs more touching then before.


Spotify for life!

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Re: Thing to to make you respect life!

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Spotify for life! Music for life! Congratulations on recovery!

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Re: Thing to to make you respect life!

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Hi neo-x!


I'm really so happy about your "brand new" life 🙂


Greetz from Finland to Finland!