Tips for contributing to the Spotify Community


Tips for contributing to the Spotify Community

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Hey folks,


I thought I'd provide some tips on how you can help out in the Spotify Community.


Since the Community is a place to get help and help others, we try to stay focused on the quality of help, rather than quantity.  Below are some examples of how folks have helped out in the Community in the past.  


Answering questions in the Community:


Many people have questions about Spotify.  Oftentimes, you don't need to be a developer or a tech guru to answer some of these questions.  Perhaps, you've been a Spotify user for a long time and happen to know more than the average user.  Maybe you're new to Spotify but you have a curious mind.  Whatever, the case you can help out by answering questions in Community.  


The Spotify application can be slightly different in some ways, depending on the platform you're using.  So if you're a whiz with Android, help other Android users out in the Android board.  If you're in love with Mac, share your expert knowledge with other Mac users in the Mac board.


Further, when someone has posted a particularly good answer, feel free to give them "Likes" (formeraly known as Kudos) by clicking the Like button.  Have a look at the Community Help section for more info on Likes.


Conversely, if you post a question, and someone gives you the answer to your question, select the 'Accepted Solution' option.  Remember, only the person who created the post can mark an answer as an 'Accepted Solution'.  For more information on 'Accepted Solutions' take a look at community member LiamW's post on the subject. 


Both Likes and Accepted Solutions contribute to the receivers Community rank, so be sure to say "Thanks" by giving them wherever appropriate.  


Community members who provide the best answers to questions can be invited to to our official . 

Program members have already received:



Submitting Ideas


Another way to contribute to the Spotify Community is by submitting ideas and feedback.  Submitting ideas in the Spotify Ideas board and giving Likes to other good ideas, is are just a couple of ways we provide you with a voice in what happens at Spotify.  


While we can't promise we'll implement every idea, we can say that we actively monitor these ideas and update them, if and when they come to fruition. Feel free to search for you idea or submit a new one if it doesn't already exist here:


As always, feel free to let us know what you think.






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Hey @Jondalb. Woops! You spotted an error on our part. It seems we forgot to update this text to say Likes instead of Kudos when we redesigned our community. Looks like we missed it.


I've updated this guide to say Likes, since this is a pseudonym for Kudos. Just use the 'thumbs up' icon on any post to Like their post. Let us know if you have any more issues. 

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I have music on my computer that I would like to send to others using spotify......

these are bands that are very new and not famous but also old school stuff too.

Is there some way to get my music on spotify so I can share it with my friends?

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Aside from this being posted in completely in the wrong place ...

If you are not the artist or publisher then no, that's called piracy.

If you are the artist of publisher then there are more official ways of getting your music on Spotify than posting in random threads on the support forums.
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I really like this forum for help to use Spotify app, I would like to have a forum in Spanish, as we would help non-English speakers , nice to have you as a help, thanks

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Hey, Jaimito.


Spotify always improve this forum, so stay tuned at blog. Spotify will add new information about new stuff on this community here or on the blog.

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We'll have an official Spotify community in Spanish before too long.  For the time being, feel free to get in touch with Rocio, our new community manager, by commenting on one of her threads or posting a query in Spanish.



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Hi Rorey,


With regards to the Idea Exchange, could you please publish the meaning of the different statuses, or lack of status, that ideas have? Some of them are obvious but, for me, there is a grey are around ideas marked as "Under Consideration" or "Feedback Requested" or which have no status at all despite being on the ideas exchange for quite a while.


Is "Under Consideration" a higher level than "Feedback Requested"? And if so what is the meaning, because it can't be related to the number of votes since there are many examples of ideas with a status "Feedback Requested" which have many more votes than other ideas with the status "Under Consideration".


Also what does it mean when an idea has no status at all? For example...

Discount Family Subscriptions!

this has been in the idea exchange since February yet has still not been assigned any status. Is this just a mistake or is there some meaning behind this?


Another question is what is the meaning of the status "Not Implementable" within the context of this idea?...

Some small things for Android.

I understand the need for a status called "Not Implementable" for ideas which simply are not technically possible, but I don't see how that status applies to this particular idea.




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While I admit the sentences next to each of the idea statuses here are not sophisticated definitions, I'd hoped they'd provide clarity to the reasons we ascribe certain statuses to certain ideas.  Have I failed completely in this?  


Since you've highlighted "Under Consideration" and "Feedback Requested" specifically, I'll try to clear these up.


"Feedback requested" just means we want to know more about what you think.  Initially, this was the default status.  I realized (perhaps a little too late) this wasn't the best choice.  The default status is now "new idea".  That being said, "feedback requested" means we want more comments or maybe more kudos.  Depending on the idea, we might simply be waiting for more votes aka "Kudos".  Alternatively, we might be waiting for some comments that add more specificity than the intial description.  


Under considation means we've heard the idea and we're reviewing it.  We know its popular.  We think we might be able to do it, but we're not sure if implementing this is right for us.  In other words, it hasn't crossed the bridge to "planned" but that doesn't mean we won't scrap the idea.


The statuses aren't intended to be a hierarchy.  Also, we have the option for "no status" since, as you can see, we get quite a lot of ideas, some of which are difficult to categorize.  Again, I tried to outline this in the idea submission guidelines.  


Regarding the Discount Family Subscriptions idea, implementing such an idea is much more than a matter of the click of a community manager's button.  As you might have guessed, such changes to subscriptions require fundamental changes and additions to our licensing agreements and you know more than most that to crack that nut, it takes some time.


Regarding Some Small Thing For Android, I've changed the status to "not implementable" since the idea has four ideas in one.  I admit I should have had idea submission guidelines citing this from the beginning.  I didn't.  My bad.  It doesn't mean the ideas within aren't good or "implementable" per se.   Nor does it mean they won't be implemented.  It just doesn't meet the idea submission guidelines. 


Does that help? Any suggestions? 



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It was reasonably clear what the definitions are, but I was just pointing that there are currently a lot of contradictions with situations like ideas being implemented that have way less kudos that ideas that are still requesting feedback and so on.


One suggestion I would make, to those of you that work in the forum, is that when you point someone towards an existing idea and suggest that they add kudos to it you should do a quick review of that idea and make sure that everything looks ok there. It's very irritating to be guided towards an idea only to find that the idea has been outstanding for more than 6 months, has a lot of kudos points and lots of user feedback with hardly any interaction from Spotify employees and no status or an uncertain status like "Feedback requested" (it shouldn't take more that 6 months for you to decide if an idea is something that you are going to run with or not). You are also shooting yourself in the foot if you guide users towards an idea that has lots of negative user feedback about the lack of a response from Spotify. Why not give some kind of response (even if it doesn't say very much) before asking a user to add kudos there? Otherwise they get a very bad, albeit in some cases maybe justified, impression that their idea is just falling into a black hole and being ignored by Spotify. I would rather that you be more decisive. If something is not going to happen then mark it as "Unplanned" and have done with it. Don't leave users hanging with ideas stuck on "Feedback requested" for more than 6 months.