Trojan Advertisement Feedback (September 2016)


Trojan Advertisement Feedback (September 2016)


I'm sick of these condom ads. I really don't mind listening to ads in order to support Spotify, and I think it's really great I can listen for free. However, these Trojan advertisements are extremely irritating. I understand condoms need to be advertised too, but I believe there are more appropriate places than Spotify which has such a diverse userbase (sure, there are explict songs, but Spotify also offers kids songs and Christian music).


Honestly, I just don't like having these sexual suggestions and mental images shoved into my mind when I'm trying to go about my daily life and listen to music; it's uncomfortable, even when I'm alone. Of course, it's even more awkward when with other people. With that being said, I feel sorry for those who want to play music for their children or gospel music at a church gathering.


In addition, upon doing some research, I discovered that this isn't the first time Spotify has ran condom ads, and it almost always sparks compliants in the userbase. I can't understand why Spotify would keep bringing something back that their consumers have complained about over and over. It just seems like a short-term business model to me, rather than focusing on ethical decision making and CRM.

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Re: Trojan Advertisement Feedback (September 2016)


Hi there,


Thanks for reaching out to us.

We’re sorry to hear that you were offended or felt uncomfortable by this commercial. That certainly was not our intention.

The commercial is targeted to users using the date of birth given at registration and should never be played on user accounts below an appropriate age.

We appreciate your feedback and will pass your comments along to our Ads team.

If there’s anything else we can help with, let us know.


Have a nice day,