What Spotify pay music artists (2019).


What Spotify pay music artists (2019).

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I thought people might find this interesting if others have not posted on this topic before. I decided to research what Spotify and other services pay music artists. You might want to think about which music service you use if you are more ethically inclined.

There is a fair bit of conjecture across a number of web articles but here is what one stated (URL quoted below). Using the US minimum wage of $1,472, Napster who is at the top of the list, an artist would need a total of 77,474 plays per month.


Priced best from the top and $ per stream.

Napster - $0.019
TIDAL - $0.0125
Apple Music - $0.00735
Google Play Music - $0.00676
Deezer - $0.0064
Spotify - $0.00437
Amazon - $0.00402
Pandora, $0.00133
Youtube - $0.00069