What exactly does "Save" mean?


What exactly does "Save" mean?


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I would like some clarification on the above. I presumed that when I 'Saved' an album that it just meant that it was available to view under "Your Library -> Albums"...i.e. it was a pointer to that album and it wasn't downloaded to my offline music. I am aware that there is a limit of 10,000 songs that you can download and I don't have a great problem with that. What I'm experiencing now is that I get that "epic collection...." message when I try to 'Save' more ablums. It seems to me that there is a limit on how many 'Save' references I can have as well as a limit on the number of downloads I can have. Is this correct? It's baffling that there would be a limit on album references when I'm not downloading them.



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HI @elnoelio,

Its amazing that you haved reached this since less than 1% of users reach this stage. Although theere is no current solution some users have suggested the folowing: 

Think that found a way - don't add the albums instead Follow the artist. Well, there are some drawbacks but nothing to die from:

 - Artist that you follow doesn't appear in your collection. You'll need to access them from Profile (your name) -> Following

 - It is impossible to add just some albums

 - All various artists/soundtracks/compilations need to be added as albums instead.

 - Obviously doesn't work very well in case of ambiguity (several artists with the same name) i.e. you'll need to know by hard their discopgraphy


If this didn't help you please remember you have a 10,000 song limit in your "my songs" tab. Also lots of other users have commented on this and if you would like tis issue to be addressed sonner please vote here:


Hope this helped!




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Re: What exactly does "Save" mean?

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So... What exactly does "Save" mean?