What the F Spotify.


What the F Spotify.

Been using Spotify forever, paying for the premium. Now all of a sudden some songs I can't play. "Song is not available" Fix it. If I'm paying for this much for music I'd might as well switch back to iTunes. Smh.
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Hey there @toughnugget and welcome to the community!!


That is odd, however there are several things you can try to get it running back smoothly:

  • If you are using the desktop client, for example, you can disable hardware acceleration (View > Hardware Accelaration)
  • Update to the latest version or trying a clean re-installation.
  • Check your song availability as it may not be available in your region. There is a useful thread on how to check this here.
  • Try this workaround in case one of your devices has an issue.

Let me know how these worked!



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