Where are thumbs up and down ?


Where are thumbs up and down ?

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Hey everyone !


I was wondering is the thumbs up and down gone ?! I don't have them anymore, it use to be really good to help the software recognize my taste and to give me more look-alike music. Now i just have a heart and a no way logo which bother me because the music gets saved if i like it with the heart in my library. I just want to get more similar music suggested to not to save them in my library... Anyone has any idea ?


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Re: Where are thumbs up and down ?

My best suggestion is to keep listening to songs of the same style/suggested, the algorithm should pick up on that. The more you listen to certain things the more it should recommend that kind of thing.

Disclaimer: I am still learning, so if I give misinformation, my apologies! Speaking from experience with recommendations on this one!