Why can't I view all of a users public playlists?


Why can't I view all of a users public playlists?


Particle Detector is the amazing account of a chief Spotify algorithm engineer and music taxonomer, and they have the most extensive set of playlists spanning maybe almost the entire music spectrum with their "The pulse of [insert genre here]", "The sound of [insert genre here]", and "The edge of [insert genre here] playlists. Through them I have found music genres I've never remotely heard of and now love. 


As far as I can tell, these playlists are public because you can search and find them, but when I go to Particle Detector's account page and click "Public Playlists" I can only get as far as "The edge of Arabic hip hop" and because everything is in alphabetical order, I know we're only in the A's. We're only at the tip of the iceberg! 


Why are all the playlists not visible here even though they are all public? Does Spotify cut you off after a certain amount of public playlists displayed?


Simply searching for them isn't really an option because, as mentioned before, they have playlists for music I don't even know to search for. That's the reason I want to see the exhaustive list. So I can explore everything.

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Re: Why can't I view all of a users public playlists?

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I'm really interested in this topic.

"The sound of..." playlist are ALL visible on WEB player, not into APPS (I'm using Mac OSX app and IOS app).