Yamaha CD-N301 - Spotify playback issues


Yamaha CD-N301 - Spotify playback issues


I'm having problems on my new Yamaha CD-N301 streaming Spotify, hoping somebody may be able to help.


I'm running Spotify client v5.1.0.849 (11 Apr 2016) on a Motorola Motog 3rd gen whch is loaded with Android 6.0. When usng the phone I have no problems at all.

However, when I select the Yamaha (currently running v1.02 firmware) from the Dvices Available list on my phone, this is when the problems start.

If I'm lucky the music will play reliably, thoough this is the exception and not the rule. Generally I'll get "Access error" on the Yamaha within 30 seconds of the music starting. The other issue I often have is that a track will play for say a minute then skip to the next track .... this will do the same, a minute or so playing, then skip to the next track ... and so on.


Any ideas or suggestions anyone?

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Re: Yamaha CD-N301 - Spotify playback issues


This is unfortunately a common problem with Yamaha devices, as i could see here on the forum.

Are you using a direct LAN connection to your router? [i'm using a wi-fi bridge that works fine with everyhing except the Yamaha].

So, I'm getting the same problem as yours; i thought i solved it 2 weeks ago setting a static ip with dhcp off on the Yamaha and also disabling the dhcp of the router; it was stable and ok for days, but then the issue keeps representing: the music goes for 2 or 3 minutes and then stops. 

I think there's a comunication error between spotify servers and the Yamaha, as if Spotify couldn't detect the Yamaha after a while.

Somebody solved it upgrading the firwmare, but mine is the latest available.

I'ts very frustrating, I know 😞