buying mmusic on spotify


buying mmusic on spotify


will spotify ever sell the music in their catalog as mp3s? im personally thinking of swithching to apple music because they sell music. i also currently use google music for the same reason but i largely prefer spotify compared to both of those. im sure im not the only one, there are lkelly alot of people that would buy thousands of songs from spotify and that would also surely fix the artist compensation problem spotify is currently having.

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I think is a matter of taste, but Spotify is very far from deciding to sell music files since the streaming market has increased a lot in the last years. That's why apple made it's own streaming service available, it's a market growing fast. I think that buying music and have that feeling of owning something is important but spotify is aiming in a different direction.

The artist compensation is very controversial and Spotify will have to deal about it when in the next months they negotiate their license renewals with the big music labels. This will made free spotify version very very limited in order to make more premium users that will convert in more revenues for artists.