change keyboard shortcuts!


change keyboard shortcuts!

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i would love the abillity to change the shorcuts for the keyboard, i like to use spotify whole playing a game but with what spotify already has that becomes way to much a chore.

space is jump in most games so play/pause becomes completely impossible and skipping a song makes sure i have to remove my right hand from the mouse in order to do so, something you somply can't have as a gamer.


i dunno if they have the option and just missed it but if they don't, please add the feature so i (and many other) can use spotify for more then just a gimmick.

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Re: change keyboard shortcuts!

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It seems that you posted in wrong thread. This is an idea so you should post it there.




Re: change keyboard shortcuts!

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Do Spotify keyboard shortcuts not only work when Spotify is in focus though?

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Re: change keyboard shortcuts!

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exactly my point, the less spotify responds without being in focus, the less use it becomes.