high quality streming: don't really here a difference


high quality streming: don't really here a difference




Under Windows, when I check, uncheck the box "high quality streaming', is the sound quality switching directly or do I have to restart spotify.


I have to admit that so far, I'm not able to here a difference even when I'm listening to quiet music.


So, probably that you have some hardware requirements like specific headphones and a sound card?



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Re: high quality streaming: don't really here a difference

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Hi, do you have a Premium level account?  Because the high quality streaming only works at the Premium account level.  If you do, I don't believe you need to restart spotify for the changes to take effect. but you may need to move to a different track.  And I don't think you need to meet any specific hardware requirements- all you need is enough bandwidth to handle the high quality stream.


That being said, any differences you would notice can depend on- and be limited by-  a number of factors: how good your hearing is, how old you are, the speakers or headphones you're using, other ambient noise, the quality of the original recording, and the sound factors of the recording- e.g. heavy bass, treble, and even complexity, like in orchestral music where there can be a *lot*of subtle, nuanced factors going on at the same time sound-wize.  I'm no sound engineer, so anyone who is would probably take me to task for my terminology here!


But the high quality streaming is at 320kbps, while normal is 160kbps- so on average, there's twice the sound information being delivered in the high quality setting.  That extra info is often, as I implied, most noticeable in the low and high ranges, and in the subtleties in the mid ranges. They'll sound a little richer and more defined.  Heavy, very low bass is the easiest way to tell, in general, for me.  But it's not clear cut.  I have audiophile-quality gear at home, and I can't always tell the difference.  But I can almost always tell the difference in my car, with a ton of ambient noise, and the cheapo stereo and speakers that came with the car.  Go figure, but I can tell clearly there. When you do find some tracks where the difference is obvious, though, you probably won't want to go back to the "normal" mode, because you'll know what you're missing.

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Re: high quality streaming: don't really here a difference

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Due to the caching nature of Spotify, you may need to delete the cache of which the path you can find in Edit > Preferences > Cache before you notice the change.

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