repeat button


repeat button


okay, i’ve been reading a ton of posts about this and apparently


you have to pay to listen to songs on repeat? or to simply shuffle a playlist?


i can do these simple tasks on desktop which further adds to my point. why get premium when it limits you to ads ads less features when you can get the luxury of doing this all on desktop? i truly don’t understand why spotify doesn’t impliment this into the app.


if you’re going to have ads, fine! thats okay, we need money in some way or another but making all these simple features literally in every single other music app exclusive to people who pay every month? 


it’s outrageous. its literally just to play a song over and over again. i can’t even do that anymore? you can literally do all of this on desktop, why not phone? i’m not limited to 6 skips per HOUR on desktop am i? or not even able to listen to the same song on repeat, or listen to specific music in a playlist. i can’t even see any of the music i ADD to my playlists. it’s crazy.