why did you choose to use Spotify?


Re: why did you choose to use Spotify?


I'm here because the Zune died. So here I am! Being a new user I was hesitate, but overtime Spotify changed my mind

Re: why did you choose to use Spotify?

Music Fan

All my friends use Spotify and I really like Spotify's UI/UX.

My absolute favourite aspect of Spotify is Connect though. It's so practical at home!

Re: why did you choose to use Spotify?


I started using Spotify back in 2013 for the first time. I remember discovering the app after seeing some ads in my browser. By that time I was using YouTube daily and accidentally found out that Spotify offers a great web player. I started using the free version and was never bothered by the ads since I was raised with the ancient technology of the radio 🤣 📻 


What got me hooked on the app is the playlist feature, allowing you to save, download, create and manage playlist you've made yourself. Another important thing - the mobile version allowed me to bring my music on the street when walking through the city, which replaced my MP3 player. The fact that I could look up artists and check their albums was also a great advantage. Step by step I realized that Spotify offers numerous ways to find new music, explore genres or get recommendations. 

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“Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.” - Robert Fripp

Re: why did you choose to use Spotify?

Casual Listener

I joined a long time ago when Spotify didn't even make you shuffle through playlists an albums in free mode; you just had to deal with ads and, at some point, limited skips like Pandora. I think Pandora was the biggest competitor at the time, too, and I remember there was still a lot of controversy about how and where or even if music should be streamed on demand and used in day-to-day life.


Buying albums and songs on iTunes was the norm for so long besides physical copies of music, and people doubted whether it could be appropriately regulated or no. Copyright and ownership laws were held to a stricter standard and selling music as a product itself was heresy to a lot of people who saw more integrity in the art of music. Some even compared streaming music to passing around a dirty handkerchief to use again and again.


So, Apple Music and Google Play Music were barely gaining traction and butting heads. I had an iPhone 6S+ and was ditching Apple as soon as I got the chance. I turned 18 and with my first debit card I got Spotify Premium because I didn't like Apple's stance on anything but the Google Music app had a lot of features only available on Android and Apple may have been blocking it from their App Store as well - I can't remember. Spotify kind of seemed like next-preferable option. That's kind of it. The newer features are mostly clutter to me and I just like to listen to music and a couple of podcasts a week.


I don't listen to my Daily Mixes often but I do like the yearly review as well as some of the pre-made playlists by Spotify. Ironically enough, I like the radio feature that Pandora sort of hallmarked as their own first.


As Spotify has grown, though, I've noticed they've become more clogged with click-out ads and pop-ups even for paying users. The podcasts were at first a background feature but now it's profiting too much from major media corporations, owned by propaganda conglomerates.


Whether they intend to look like "sellouts" or not, Spotify has lost a lot of the anonymity and escapism appeal that I used to enjoy. I might be searching for something new or going for Google Play Music since they're the next big competition at this point but they also work more flawlessly than Spotify.

Re: why did you choose to use Spotify?

- Mainly because of the liked songs per artist feature. I tried a few others a while back but the just don't fit with my listening style. I like to just choose an artist and listen to the liked songs of that artist.
- Mobile integration, it's nice to control the music on my pc with my phone so I don't have to walk to the other side of the room everytime.
- Algorithm, the algorithm of spotify is really good and helps me discover music

Re: why did you choose to use Spotify?


I've been with Spotify since its early days back when you needed an invite to create an account - I think it was early 2008 and a friend got me an invite and even though the music library was nowhere near what it is now I still could not believe it was real, and legal, and all. I've been a premium subscriber ever since premium was introduced and that's the reason really.. Spotify was first, and as long as the music is there, I am not going anywhere.