Can I get some help with my Premium for Family plan?

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If you've got a whole family of music-lovers, then you should check out Spotify's Premium for Family plan.


With this type of subscription, you can invite up to four family members and share one billing account whilst keeping your listening history, recommendations and playlists completely separate. To learn more about Premium for Family, click here.




How am I charged?

Whether the members you’ve signed up for are in use or not, only you'll be charged the full subscription price every month on the same date that you signed up.


What happens if I cancel?

If you cancel, all the members on the plan will revert back to the free subscription level at the end of your current billing cycle.


I want to add an additional member to my existing Family plan. How do I go about doing this?

To add an additional member to your Family plan, you'll firstly need to cancel your existing plan subscription here. Once cancelled, you'll be able to upgrade to the plan again and select the new plan here.


  • If you cancel during your billing period with subscription time remaining, any members under your plan will remain as members. You won't need to re-invite existing members when upgrading to a higher plan.
  • If your current billing month lapses at the time of cancelling, you'll need to re-invite any existing member once upgraded to the new Family plan. All members of the plan revert to free subscriptions if the current billing month lapses.

I'm trying to add a member to my Premium for Family plan but they already have Premium. What can I do?


  1. To increase the number of members in your plan, go to your account page.
  2. Click Manage.
  3. Click Add Member.
  4. Select the new family plan size that you’d like to upgrade to.
    Note: You should see the new billing date and monthly price for the family plan size that you select, underneath.
  5. Click Add Member. 


Can I add a member from another country to my Family plan?

People in different countries cannot be on the same Spotify Family plan. If you're the plan's owner trying to add a member based in another country, you'll be unable to complete the invitiation process.


Note: In this instance, they may need to reset the country settings on their account. Check out this article for more information.


Will I lose any playlists when I convert to Premium for Family? Will members I invite lose any playlists on their accounts?

Not at all! All music and playlists under all of your own accounts will remain exactly the same.


What are the restrictions on the members I can add to my plan?

To be added to your plan, a person must:


● Reside in the same country as that of the administrator’s billing address.

● Be over 13 years old.

● Be a free user, or a Premium user who purchased their Premium directly from Spotify (and not, for example, via iTunes or a mobile operator).


Can Premium for Family be used with other plans such as student discounts, or plans joined through a phone company, etc.? 

Sorry, no. Any discounts cannot be applied to plan accounts.


I'm already on a Premium subscription. What happens when I upgrade?

If you're already a Premium user, don't worry! We won’t bill you until the time you’ve paid for has run out, taking into account the increased price. You can review your renewal date on the subscription page.


For more info about Premium for Family, check out this article.


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