How can I get a Google Home Mini?




  • If you are a new subscriber living in the US you will automatically receive the link for your device via email.
  • If you are an existing subscriber in the US you will need to manually register your Google Home Mini. As offers can't be combined, keep in mind that you will first need to forfeit any trials/offers and make a payment to apply for this bundle.


You can take advantage of this offer until November 15th or until stocks run-out. The promo code can be used to order the device in the Google Store until December 31st.


You'll receive an original Google Home Mini device, not the new Google Nest Mini.



How do I know if I am eligible?


  • You must be a US citizen and be using a payment method from the US.
  • You must be subscribed to Premium Individual or Premium Family (only the master account is eligible, not the sub accounts).
  • You haven't redeemed a code for a device in one of our previous offers.
  • You must be subscribed directly through us using a recurring payment method. Gift cards, prepaid cards, PAYG, partners (like iTunes or your telecom provider) cannot be used to register.



How do I sign up exactly?


  1. Log in to your Spotify account (or sign up for a Spotify account)
  2. Upgrade to Premium Individual or Premium Family
  3. Sign up for the GHM offer from the email you receive or from your account page
  4. Depending if you are an existing subscriber or a new subscriber you will follow one of the two next steps:
    1. New subscribers: You should be automatically registered when you subscribe for Premium Individual or Premium Family (as Manager)
    2. Existing subscribers: You will need to register at (if you're not on Premium Individual or Premium Family yet) or (if you're on Premium Individual or Premium Family).
  5. You will then receive an email which you can use to claim your device.  Head over here if you don't receive the email within an hour:
  6. Follow the unique link to the Google Store checkout.
  7. Select the color of the device (You will see the full price of the device during ordering, that's normal)
  8. Click ‘Check Out’. The discount is now applied and the price will turn to $0.00
  9. Enter your delivery address. The order is now complete.

Keep in mind that your Google account must support purchases to complete the order. The country of your shipping address on your Google account and the country on your Spotify account must match (United States).


Note: The code is automatically applied. Even when you just load the redeeming link. Guest checkout is not supported for the offer. You will need to log into your Google account.


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