How can I submit an idea in the Community?

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The Idea Exchange is a great way of communicating your ideas to Spotify. However, there are a few things to take into account when submitting an idea:


Has your idea already been submitted?

You can easily check this by having a quick search in the Community before submitting your idea. If you find a similar idea, there's no need to create another one :)


How do I submit my idea?

You can submit your idea to the Ideas Exchange from here. You can find that button at the bottom of the Idea Submissions page.

You will be asked to enter a title and check if your idea has been posted before.


How do I write my idea?

Your idea will have a title and a body. Write a title that describes your idea in a simple way and don't include too much information on it. In the body, you can explain your idea in more detail. It's important that you only submit one idea in each post so that Spotify knows which idea users are voting for.


What are Idea Labels?

When posting an idea, you'll need to select the category that best fits your idea. That will help users find your idea more easily.


So... what's next?

Once you click on the "Post" button, your idea will be submitted. Make sure to share your idea with your friends to gather as many votes as possible ^^


You can find more info on how the Idea Exchange is managed here.