How do I save music to Your Library?




We recently rolled out a new Your Library experience to all platforms. With it, we made some changes to the way music is saved to Your Library.


Here's a quick guide which explains how it all works.


Liked Songs (formerly Songs) :

  • This is a playlist which contains all the individual songs you’ve liked (💚)
  • You can find Liked Songs under Playlists, right at the top of the list
  • To save all the songs in an album to Liked Songs, simply click the “…” menu and click “Like all songs”
  • Note: Liking a song does not automatically save the album or artist of that song (see Albums below)


  • This is where you’ll find all the playlists you’ve liked (💚)
  • Radio stations are now radio playlists, so saving them will add them to Playlists too (more on that here)


  • This is where you’ll find all the albums you’ve liked (💚)
  • Note: Liking an album will not save all the songs on that album to your Liked Songs playlist (see Liked Songs above)


  • This is where you’ll find all the artists you follow (Note: this is indicated by the FOLLOWING bar in the artist profile instead of a 💚)
  • Clicking on a followed artist from within the Artists tab will take you directly to their artist profile
  • If you have saved any songs by an artist to Your Library, then clicking on their profile will show you a list of those songs


For more info on the new Your Library experience on mobile, make sure to check out this Spotify Answer.


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