How do you save music to Your Library?






We recently rolled out a new Your Library experience for the mobile app which is more streamlined and makes it easier to find your saved music.


You might have noticed some changes to the way music is saved under Your Library. We’ve made a quick guide to explain how it all works.


In the new Your Library, there are now two main tabs - Music and Podcasts.


In Music, there are three separate tabs: Playlists, Artists and Albums.


  • Under Playlists, you'll find all the playlists you're following, including radio playlists.
    • Note 1: when you like a song, it will now be saved to your Liked Songs playlist. Here, you will find any individual songs that you have saved from an album, as well as any songs that you have liked in a Made For You playlist.
    • Note 2: the album or artist of that song will no longer be added to Albums/Artists when saved).


  • Under Artists, you'll find all the artists that you are following. Tapping on a saved artist will take you to their artist profile.


  • Under Albums, you’ll find any albums which you have saved by an artist.


A few more things to note:


  • The ‘sort’ and ‘find’ options are located in the three-dot menu in the top-right corner (for saved playlists and albums, you also have the option to filter downloaded playlists and albums).
  • ‘Recently Played’ and ‘Made For You’ now live under Home.
  • The Settings button has been moved from Your Library to Home (top-right corner).



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