Why are there ads in my podcasts?

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Spotify doesn't add adverts to podcasts that interrupt the listening experience of Premium users, however some podcast creators may include third-party advertising, host-read endorsements or sponsorship messages in their episodes. Some podcast distributors do allow Podcasters to offer Streaming Ad Insertion which helps them customize and tailor the ads to listeners but Spotify is not responsible for inserting these.




Q: There weren't any ads in this podcast before, why are there now?

A: Podcast creators who upload their content to Spotify are able to amend and re-upload the content at their own discretion, therefore they could have added these in at a later date.


Q: Some ads sound a lot like regular Spotify ads, as they are for something in my region but it's an international podcast? 

A: Some Podcasters use tools such as Spotify's Streaming Ad Insertion, which helps them customize and choose ads that they think the listeners would want to hear and that might be relevant to them. 



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