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Collection beta testers wanted

by Community Manager ‎2013-10-17 10:36 AM - edited ‎2015-09-23 07:05 AM (21,512 Views)

Hi everyone,


we're looking for folks to try out new versions of Collection on Spotify (Android, iOS, Web Player and Desktop.)


Are you interesting in becoming a beta tester? Do you want to help improve the Spotify experience?


Join the Beta Band!


Fill out this form now, apply to be part of the beta band, and receive beta versions of Spotify when they become available.


And don't forget to reply here to let everyone know you've applied!


More info soon, but here's a sneak preview:


by drumkey
on ‎2013-10-18 01:07 PM

I have applied

by Matteo_Zel
on ‎2013-10-18 01:09 PM

Me too

by tonypiz
on ‎2013-10-18 02:14 PM

Same here. ^^

on ‎2013-10-18 02:16 PM

Me too :D



by nemof
on ‎2013-10-18 02:24 PM

I've also applied.



by mr_benn
on ‎2013-10-18 03:26 PM

Me three! 

by inkyblack
on ‎2013-10-18 05:02 PM

Applied. Looking very forward to checking this out.

by ruccola
on ‎2013-10-18 06:38 PM

Signed up too, but it says it's for "Spotify for Android"?

on ‎2013-10-18 08:04 PM

That is true, although it is definitely a different form to the android beta signup form. Maybe just a copy and paste mistake? 



on ‎2013-10-18 08:07 PM

i applied :P

on ‎2013-10-18 09:37 PM

so, a while back I found and installed a spotify 'beta' client that looks identical to the web player. is/was that the beta build? I lost it when I wiped my computer and would love to have it back, if only to get the windows snap feature back. applied

by Bob24
on ‎2013-10-18 09:43 PM

Can't wait to see a collection feature :-)

by Top Star
on ‎2013-10-18 10:19 PM
I applied for the beta for Android. If I want to beta test for all the others listed in this thread, do I apply using this form or does it carry over?
by 4l4R1
on ‎2013-10-18 10:39 PM



Joined as this feature my open me way to premium upgrade ;-)




by Sunshoopa
on ‎2013-10-19 09:05 AM

Yep, I just also signed up for iOS and it said Android. If it's either I wouldn't mind as I have both anyways.

by fvalverde
on ‎2013-10-19 01:58 PM

Applied! :)

by Top Star
on ‎2013-10-19 10:17 PM

Applied! :)

by goldenmonkey
‎2013-10-19 10:27 PM - edited ‎2013-10-19 10:28 PM

 Oh man, absolutely. Been waiting for this feature.


Edit: picked 'Android' as the OS I'd test on, but would love to test on iOS (iPad), Android (Phone) and OSX. And hell, even web.

by danc27
on ‎2013-10-19 10:31 PM

This is my most anticipated feature and I'd love to try it out and help make it better.


I picked iOS, but like goldenmonkey said I'd be more than willing to test it on OSX, Windows and Web Player as well!

by misterspotify
‎2013-10-20 10:32 AM - edited ‎2013-10-20 10:53 AM

Applied, now looking forward to test. Would be happy to have the chance.



When will you roll this out? :)

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