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by Community Manager on ‎2012-03-23 02:02 PM - last edited on ‎2015-09-23 06:59 AM by Community Manager (2,817 Views)

Yesterday we announced the latest, greatest batch of hot new apps. A total of 12 fantastic apps, brought to you from music labels including Universal, Sony, Warner, LEGACY, Def Jam, Domino, Matador, PIAS and X5.


Want to check out complete album booklets? Personalise playlists based on your Facebook likes? Delve more deeply into the history of legendary artists? Listen to the most popular songs being talked about on Twitter? All this and much, much more is coming to Spotify


New Apps Include:

  • The Complete Collection
  • Tweetvine
  • Classify
  • The Legacy Of
  • Filtr
  • Def Jam
  • Domino
  • the warner sound
  • Hot or not
  • Digster
  • [PIAS]
  • Matador
  • You can find all of these and more in the App Finder in Spotify. 

by corycatelyn
on ‎2012-03-29 10:54 PM

what is the app that you can whistle, hum, or whatever so it can find the song for you?

by Moderator
on ‎2012-03-30 09:06 AM

Corycatelyn, there's currently a few third-party apps that can do this - like Shazam and Soundhound. But not an app in Spotify yet.


It would be totally awesome if there was one though. No doubt there will be one in the works at some point.


For the time being check out this idea and vote it up if you like the look of it.

by kurtkolle
on ‎2012-04-21 06:17 PM

just want to make a suggestion for a great app, i hope you will take it to consideration, i think a television app for spotify would be great, a app that would have a playlist for each show on tv, a lot of godd music are being played each episode and it would be a lot easier than search for every song by myself

by heidafetz
on ‎2015-03-31 08:34 PM

Hi! Can you help me please? My app "Musixmatch" got lost and I don't know, to be honest, all of my once-downloaded apps got losted somehow... since the "new" Spotify was installed, I can't use some apps. What is this?


Thanks for your reply! :-) :-)


by heidafetz
on ‎2015-03-31 08:35 PM
It's Musixmatch, isn't it?
on ‎2015-04-02 09:27 AM

Musixmatch was the only old app being integrated in the new Spotify desktop version, click on the "Lyrics" link in the lower playbar. All others are gone, see e.g. this closed idea:

by CasualSoul
on ‎2015-05-16 12:35 AM

Where's the PartiQ app??!!??


You promoted it in top position in your desktop app store before you retired the desktop api and then you just abandoned them.  The only reason I became a Spotify subscriber was for that app; Spotify is practically worthless to me now and I will likely move to a competitor.  You should stand by your marketing and your developer partners; particularly if you were promoting them so heavily.

on ‎2015-05-22 02:09 PM
Unfortunally it seems Spotify is going to become a label instead of a music service. All about crude capitalism. Spotify sold their soul to the media industry.
by f4k
on ‎2015-11-14 12:51 AM

This sums up my experience with Apps in Spotify... quite ironic:


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