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Spotify Photos Contest!!-Is closed!!

by Spotify on ‎2012-09-24 09:50 AM - last edited on ‎2015-09-23 07:01 AM by Community Manager (7,050 Views)


Hello folks!   


The Contest is now closed and the winners will be announced tomorrow! Thank you all for your pictures and...good luck! ;)



Say "hello" to our very first Spotify Photos Contest! 


If you are a creative person this is your chance to win a 6 months Spotify Premium code! We will also give away a few one-month premium codes…you can´t miss this amazing opportunity!

Grab your camera and get crazy! Just take a picture of you or your friends holding our logo in the coolest place ever or just a funny one!



What do I do?


At the end of this post (attached!) you will find our logo, print it out, grab your camera and take an awesome picture. As simple as that :)

Then just attach or paste the picture in your post.

After that, everyone will be able to see your masterpiece!

You'll find the rules and more info here.

You can chat about this contest in the Discussion Topic since this thread is just for submissions.


Obviously you can also tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter. The more, the merrier!




You will be able to submit your pictures in THIS thread from Tuesday, 2012-09-25, 14:00 CEST  until Thursday, 2012-10-11, 10:00 CEST.


We are looking forward to see your photos,


Good luck folks!


(logo to print out attached just below)


by Spotify
on ‎2012-09-25 01:25 PM


Here you have an example! As we said, just print the logo out...and get crazy!




by Community Manager
‎2012-09-28 12:58 PM - edited ‎2012-09-28 12:58 PM

by claireyes
on ‎2012-09-28 01:48 PM

on ‎2012-09-28 03:34 PM

by Spotify
on ‎2012-10-01 09:55 AM

on ‎2012-10-01 02:51 PM


Everyone loves music including cats. Spotify forever!

Our cat show to everyone how cats like Spotify.

‎2012-10-02 09:15 PM - edited ‎2012-10-04 06:47 PM
... other picture is better ... managed to take one
by Moderator
‎2012-10-03 02:49 AM - edited ‎2012-10-03 02:56 AM


Mi novia y yo de vacaciones en Sevilla!

‎2012-10-03 08:36 PM - edited ‎2012-10-04 07:34 AM

Ok - mine. I hope you all like!





I took this at night, in a street in my town. I thought I should take something, and at the time it was quite late (7:45PM).


That is my hand holding the piece of paper with the nice Spotify logo. Those lights in the distance are street lamps & house lights from quite fare away - up a hill.


The yellow 'light' at the side is actually a road island thing. I used my phone camera, and it has a flash, and so the flash refelcted off it.


I am quite proud of this image, and I really like the effect - I hope you all agree!



by reyam
‎2012-10-04 10:00 AM - edited ‎2012-10-04 10:02 AM


what you see its a flying pig...

on ‎2012-10-04 06:45 PM


Here is the newest Spotify Fan  (still to come) Already enjoying tunes me and the wife play :)

by vironotovir
on ‎2012-10-04 10:10 PM

on ‎2012-10-07 02:35 PM

Well I don't have a colour printer in my student accomodation so I hope this still counts :)


In the photo below, you can see that our house mascot Maris the Welsh Dragon loves spotify as much as I do! (Although no actual spotify for the BlackBerry Playbook also pictured :P) 


by MaríaSpotifine
on ‎2012-10-10 06:00 PM

Thanks to Spotify, I had a great week!


by beckythomas92
on ‎2012-10-10 07:32 PM

by Community Manager
on ‎2012-10-12 09:54 AM

The winners have been announced!


Check it out here.

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