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Thumbs up and down now on your desktop!

by Spotify on ‎2012-08-13 09:32 AM - last edited on ‎2015-09-23 07:01 AM by Community Manager (12,438 Views)

Great news for Spotify radio fans! Now you can enjoy the same Thumbs up (and down) functionality on your desktop as you do on your mobile!
Radio is all about what you want to hear. By giving a track a thumbs up or down, you’ll help to personalize your stations. Best yet, songs you like from either your mobile or desktop will grow your "Liked from Radio" Spotify playlist - so you can always keep track of new discoveries.

by MK78
on ‎2012-08-13 12:32 PM

Great now I can finally ignore Veronica Maggio and Skrillex...

on ‎2012-08-13 12:46 PM

Why? Skrillex is awesome!


by Enviii
‎2012-08-13 08:04 PM - edited ‎2012-08-13 08:07 PM

I can't seem to find my "Liked from Radio" playlist. I've thumbed up a bunch of songs from radio but can't seem to find it no matter what. 


EDIT: I fixed the problem. I went into my Android app, started radio and liked a song. It created the playlist from my phone and now when I like songs on my desktop it will add it to the playlist as well. 


Basically, if it's not showing up for you, go to your mobile app and like a song and it might work on your desktop. 

by MK78
on ‎2012-08-13 08:56 PM

Bug ?

on ‎2012-08-15 02:34 PM

Can anyone tell me, when you thumbs down a track, does that mean you are saying you don't like OR you don't like it in THAT playlist?

by Moderator
on ‎2012-08-15 02:47 PM

timiambeing wrote:

Can anyone tell me, when you thumbs down a track, does that mean you are saying you don't like OR you don't like it in THAT playlist?

See here!

by JJsEmail
on ‎2012-08-18 04:31 PM

I can't find my Thumbs UP songs.


My phone is a windows 7 and I do not use it for apps.


I only use desktop with xp.


Can anyone tell me where to find all these songs that I keep saying thumbs up to?

on ‎2012-08-18 07:35 PM

Spotify for Windows Phone 7 does not support radio, so problem maybe here. However you should see a playlist with liked tracks.

by JJsEmail
on ‎2012-08-18 08:51 PM

No, it totally sucks.


I just signed up last night and spend quite a few hours liking songs thinking it would be easy to find them and put them in my playlist.


I only have two play lists:


DUTCH ( I created)

Windows Media Center.


We are very happy about the great selection of songs from Holland, but this LIKE button totally sucks if I can't retrieve them.

by S10QaN
on ‎2012-08-20 08:48 PM

I liked this function, allthough it is a bit basic.


Many aspects of Spotify is too basic, you can not configure it in an advanced way. I'd like to use radio stations sort of the way I use playlists. I can find my radio stations but I have no control of them. And I can not edit it afterwards, I can not add a black list or a white list to get it in the right direction, I have to listen to it to do this.


And there are radio stations that I want to remove. What about when I have 20 radio stations and 10 of them I do not want there?


Also, you have actually removed some of the radio options, right? I think you should actually add more! I have allways thought that it was to few.


Spotify should also be able to detect the slowness/pace of the songs. In case I want to listen to songs on the bus half asleep.


And sometimes I want to listen to fast pace songs, rock.


And several genres in the 90's and 80's.



There should be an advanced parameter/console search mode for advanced people.

by Spotify
on ‎2012-08-21 01:33 PM



hello S10QaN, welcome to the Community!


There is already an "Idea" about editing or removing radio stations, we are collecting all of your feedback. Please add your kudos or comments if you really want this feature. We encourage you to create a new idea if it is not represented on this one:


We are here and listening, 


Thanks for all your contribution here :)

by Rosewellzz
on ‎2012-09-05 12:00 PM

I still cannot see the thumbs up or down buttons on the desktop app (Windows), I can see it on my android , but still nothing on my Desktop. Ive tried removing Spotify and then reinstalling but nothing works. Help please... 

by Spotify
on ‎2012-09-05 01:05 PM


Hello Rosewellzz, 


Could you send us a screenshot?


You should see this:


by Rosewellzz
on ‎2012-09-05 01:58 PM

HI there


Thanks for the quick reply. Here are two screens that I see. Ive included one with the Spotify version too.



And here is a screen while im playing a station and am hovering over it. Note there are no up and down thumbs.



Thanks for any help.




by WrYBiT
on ‎2012-09-15 10:37 PM

Let us delete a radio Station!

by Spotify
on ‎2012-09-17 09:55 AM


Hello there,


Add your kudos and comments if you want to see this implemented:


This is now "under consideration"


Thanks for your feedback ;)

by oep4
‎2012-09-24 01:24 PM - edited ‎2012-09-24 01:25 PM

I too cannot see the thumbs up or down. I am in Sweden, using version


Also, I am a premium subscriber.

by invisiblepen
on ‎2012-10-04 10:46 PM

I'm in the US using a Mac. That link says 'app cannot be found' in spotify. There is no way to edit the radio like on my phone app. 

by jaylade
on ‎2012-10-16 04:39 PM

can you see a list of songs youve "thumbs up"-ed? 

by Moderator
on ‎2012-10-16 06:05 PM

jaylade wrote:

can you see a list of songs youve "thumbs up"-ed? 

Your 'Liked from Radio' playlist should be exactly that.

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