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Sonos users love their music. They love Spotify. But the interface for Spotify on Sonos is poor, way behind the competition like Deezer, Google, Napster. Improve the interface by adding radio, explore, and other functions available in the web version and Spotify will quickly regain its rightful place as the first choice music streaming service on Sonos.

It could be very useful to add music quality options 3G and WIFI seperately .

Status: Duplicate Idea

Hi there!


Thanks for your suggestion!


A similar idea was suggested here:

Differentiate Streaming quality for Wifi and data connection


Please, leave your kudos/comments there.

Zoom options

Status: Not right now
by Gold Streaming Artist 2 weeks ago

Zoom options to change all elements, including text size, spacing, etc.

It would be nice to have some zoom options to change the text size in the desktop application. It could be separate options for the sidebar and the main screen.

Status: Not right now


Hey folks! We're here to let you know this idea is currently "Not right now".

For now please continue giving your kudos and comments here. Thanks for your contributions! We'll keep you guys up-to-date if there are any changes to this idea.

Ability to rename/manage my local files

Status: New Idea
by paisleyportals 9 hours ago - last edited 7m ago by Gold Streaming Artist

With the new update it seems as though I lost the ability to edit info for my local files. I used to be able to edit the title, artist, and album just like in itunes.


Now I can't even delete files from the local file folder! So I can't delete local files anymore? Once I put them there they are stuck forever?

Status: New Idea

Marked as new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search. ;)

[Desktop] Go back to the old activity feed

Status: New Idea
by wavvys Friday - last edited Monday by Gold Streaming Artist

The newest update that changes the activity of your friends (2/27/15) is hard to tell the song that they are listening to, and only shows the current song. I much prefer being able to see the full song name, artist, and cover art. I also like seeing all the songs they are playing instead of just the current one.

Status: New Idea

This idea suggests the complete removal of the new Activity feed.

Another suggestion, asking for the ability to change between the old and new Activity Feeds at will, was made here:

So when I started Spotify today, I noticed the new activity feed. I really like it and I think it's a nice improvement, but some other people seem to disagree with me. I wouldn't like it at all if the new activity feed disappeared, but I think it would be a nice option if people could choose between the two activity feeds. There should be an checkbox in Preferences that says 'Move back to the old activity feed', so people can choose theirselves which activity feed they want. Thanks.

Status: New Idea

This idea suggests the ability to switch between the old and new Activity Feed, so it's possible to use both.


Another idea asking for the complete removal of the new Activity Feed was posted here:


Why did you guys remove the option to see when a track was added to a playlist? And the green dot next to the playlist when there was a new song. This just ruins how I found new music.


Please bring this back!

Status: New Idea

Marked as new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search. ;)
As mentioned, this feature will be back in the desktop app but Spotify hasn't given an exact timeline yet. Any updates for that feature will be announced in this topic here.

After this most recent update, the volume slider has moved to the other side of the screen, this is in a much more inconvinient location, please move it back.

Status: New Idea

Why would you remove that feature? Now it just says "Spotify Premium". I'd honestly like to hear the logic behind this.

[Desktop] Add lyrics in a side panel

Status: New Idea
by zallaaa Friday - last edited Saturday by National Tour

Now that we have lyrics again, it would be nice to be able to see them and the playlist at the same time. Perhaps putting the text in a side panel and adding the ability to go full screen or resizing the panel by dragging the border. 

Something like this quick n' dirty mock up.



side panel


Status: New Idea

It would be very cool if premium users could create a live radio mix for their followers. In other words, users can listen to the same songs as the person hosting the broadcast in real time.  The host would essentially be a DJ for their friends. You could also be able to make it public or private (if private an invite would need to be sent and accepted in order to join).  My friends agree that it would be an incredible feature.


Thank you!

Status: Duplicate Idea

Hello! Welcome to the community!

This suggestion was already made here: Real Time "Listen With" feature

Please add your kudos and comments there to support this idea ;)

I can't read what people are listening to (and thereby discover some great gems) unless I hover over each individual track name. It used to be super legible and the new way just plain sucks. Makes me not want to use the feed at all. screenshot attached


Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 1.22.42 PM.png

Hi Spotify Team,


It's great to see that you support for the Windows Phone eco system, the recent updates were great and we're finally able to use many features that the other platforms have had for months. 


However when it comes to supporting Windows Phone exlusive features like Transparent Live Tiles, the App still lacks compared to other Apps that embrace the WP platform. Starting with Windows Phone 8.1, developers have the ability to allow pinning a "Transparent Live Tile" to the User's home screen, which is very useful when a background image is used for the home screen. As I understand this can be done without a huge effort on the development side, so it would be great to see that feature in a coming update!


Please consider:

- Transparent Live Tile

- Live Tile that displays information about current song (like XBox Music)


I've attached a screenshot of the current Spotify App with background image and a mockup of what it could look like.


Thanks for giving this a thought!


#Windows Phone #WP8.1 #LiveTile #Transparent

Status: New Idea

Support Windows 10 Change-Volume-UI

Status: New Idea
by Jeremy_Karlsson a week ago - last edited a week ago




When using the volume knob/button on keyboard in Windows 10 and a song is playing in Windows Media Player, it looks like in the image above. Not only does the systems volume level indicator show up, but also the current song with metadata, cover art and simple controls.


It would be really great if music playing in Spotify showed up here too.

Status: New Idea

Marked as new idea.
This idea will also stand for the same request in Windows 8 in order to continue this inactive idea. ;)

There should be a feature where it tells me i'm listening to the TGIF playlist, and where I can directly access the TGIF playlist without going back to the main screen with featured playlists. I often don't remember what playlist I listened to and have to go to the app and backtrack alot. Maybe if it's somewhere in the bar ? Between play queue and messages? 

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.46.53 AM.png
Status: New Idea

I have heard negative comments about the recent update in the activity feed. I personally like the new way. It might make everyone happy if you keep the interface the same but have some button that you can hit that says something like "more recent activity"  that goes into greater detail. If you want you can keep that button or tab open all the time, but I didn't really like having a ton of people's activity there all the time, and I'm sure they got sick of looking at all of mine! lol. Anybody think that would work?

Status: New Idea

Marked as new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search.

Boooooooooo!  The latest changes to the desktop player activity make me hide the activity feed as I find it useless.  I really enjoyed a single list of what my friends have been listening which often then let me to seek out new music.  This now forces me to to see either what they are listening to now or the last thing that they've listened to last.  If you don't want to undo that work then at least give the end user the ability to toggle which view they prefer to see.  You can even do some A/B testing of your own if you put metrics on it... I bet you'll find this new view is not used.

Status: Duplicate Idea

Hello! Welcome to the community!

This suggestion was already made here: [Desktop] Go back to the old activity feed

Please add your kudos and comment there to support this idea ;)

Hello Ladies 'n Gents


In referrence to some older idea posts like this one, i would like to recommend a solution for music lovers, who don't want to cut off tracks or destroy the current playing queue.


First i want to present the problem, that is bugging me a long time and eventually many other users.


When I want to add tracks to the queue I have to "tap" the "3 dots" button, right next to (or over ?) the scroll bar, or "tap and hold" the track i want to listen to and tap "add to queue".


  • When you are walking, jogging, on the bus, on a party... it is almost impossible to hit the "3 dots" button. Even when you are not in some kind of motion it is nearly impossible - and i've got that "isn't that a tablet ?" sized smartphone. Most of the time you are scrolled to some other position in the playlist because you accidently clicked the scroll bar again, or you are playing the track directly and killing your current playlist/playing queue.
  • So then there is this "Tap and hold" functionality, but this is just a solution at first sight imho. I experienced, that this "tap and hold" drop-down menu sometimes does not show up, maybe due to "display reaction failure, "trigger effects failure", "potato device", "haptic bugs" ammm. Therefore the track i wanted to add to the queue is now playing. I cut off a track and destroyed the current playing queue or playlist i was listening to....again.

This "tap and hold buggy" experience was brought to me by many other mobile device users i've been talking to...


so: How about this ?


I like to suggest the system option "Add Track to queue":


2015-02-22 17.54.34.jpg


Per "default" setting, nothing would change. The user experience would be the same as it was before.


Activating this option would switch the events "Play Track" and "Add to queue". Clicking a track would add it to the current queue rather then playing it directly, whereas the drop down menu would show the option "Play Track" instead of "Add to queue".


2015-02-22 17.47.33.jpg


I hope you like it as much as I do.


Sincerly,  eskyde 8-|

Status: New Idea


This idea requests an added option in settings for the user to switch between playing or queueing when tapping once on a track/title in mobile apps. 

Add support for Google ChromeCast

Status: Under Consideration
by Arjen82 ‎24-07-2013 09:51 PM - edited ‎24-03-2014 07:55 AM

Will you be adding support to the ChromeCast that Google announced today? Would be great to be able to easily stream music from all my devices to my receiver and tv.


Please see the Api information here:


Update: implementing ChromeCast is superior to using the Chrome browser plugin to move a tab with the Spotify web interface to your TV for multiple reasons. Most importantly:

 - You can stream higher fidelity

 - You can stream from every device, not only from a computer/laptop

 - You can control from multiple devices (so if I leave the room my wife can control Spotify with her phone)


If implemented correctly this would match the functionality of Sonos for a much lower price.


Update February 4th 2014: Okay, so Google has released the SDK now. Please start working on the functionality or at the very minimum give an update to the status...


Update February 19th 2014: 2,000 kudos, hundreds of replies (with more than a handful of cancelations). Apparently Spotify Germany has confirmed Chromecast support is coming. An update would be nice


Update March 24th 2014: 2,500 kudos and still no update. Cancelled my subscription today. Sorry, but if you don't listen to your paying customers we will have to speak with our wallets.

Status: Under Consideration

Hello everyone. Spotify here. We wanted to address a request many of you have made for Chromecast support. In order to keep improving Spotify, we are always testing new things on our different platforms. While we don’t have any plans to launch this in the immediate future, we are looking into it, and will let you know as soon as we have any more information to share.

Device Priority

Status: New Idea
by straes a week ago

Has it been suggested to have a Device Priority list?  I'm sure I'm not the only person driving around all day listening to Spotify only to be kicked off because my 3 year old decided to listen to the Frozen Soundtrack on her iPad at home.

Status: New Idea
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Beta test Spotify for iOS
Hi there.
Would you like a chance to beta test upcoming versions of Spotify for iOS? If the answer is a resounding "yes!" then please click here to read more.

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