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30-second song preview not showing up for song

30-second song preview not showing up for song

Hello! I'm looking to secure a 30-second preview for Eminem's Lose Yourself with Get a Track, as I have successfully done for numerous other songs. Unfortunately, it's not appearing so curious if anyone else has experienced this and any workarounds.



3 Replies

Hi @heatd! Sorry to hear about the trouble you're having here. I checked spotify:track:5Z01UMMf7V1o0MzF86s6WJ and it seems to have a preview URI that should be accessible through the API. Would you be able to share a snippet of sample code, and the response data that you are receiving from Spotify? Be sure to exclude the access token and any other sensitive data from your sample.

Thanks, @spotifyjosh for getting back to me.


So, I'm looking at this json object and seeing preview_url:null rather than a link to an mp3. Ex:


Let me know your thoughts and thank you again.

Thanks for clarifying, @heatd. Unfortunately, 30 second previews are not visible for every track. You'll want to code your app with the assumption that some tracks do not have previews URIs available through the API. 

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