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502 Bad Gateway for /me/tracks and /me/albums

502 Bad Gateway for /me/tracks and /me/albums






Hi - 

I tried replying to a recent unresolved thread with this same problem but got not response from Spotify:


I use the API just for some personal playlist management tools. I only use these every few months. When I tried to use them recently I get 502 Bad Gateway errors for the /me/tracks and /me/albums endpoints. Other endpoints continue to work as expected. This applies even in the Spotify developer console (see attached image). I would appreciate any suggestions about how to resolve this.

Screen Shot 2022-03-12 at 1.02.12 PM.png
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Anyone know the trick to getting someone from Spotify to reply?

Hello Scott,


I am here and happy to help. Are you still facing this issue? I tried recreating it - on the console too - but everything works as expected at the moment. Let me know if it is recurring for you.

Thank you for the response. I am still having this issue on the the /me/tracks and /me/albums endpoints. Since it is working for you, maybe it is some issue with my account? How would I resolve that?

Ok, we'll troubleshoot to check that things work well in console on your end first. You may already have tried this, but in case not,

(i) start by refreshing your page then test in console ,

(ii) if (i) fails, try clearing your browser cache then test in console,

(iii) if (i) and (ii) fail, please try testing in console in an incognito window or new browser.

Let me know how this pans out.

Hi -

I switched to Chrome from Firefox, cleared all cached data, and tried in the console. Still getting 502 Bad Gateway.screenshot.png

Hey Scott,


Are you in a position to run your console test on 

(i) the same device, different network

(ii) a different device, same network

(iii) a different device, different network?

I have tested this on multiple devices on different networks and gotten the same results

I tried once more when I got home from work - different browser, different network, no cookies, same result. Also did not work in incognito window.


Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 6.57.18 PM.png Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 7.00.58 PM.png

Got any more ideas for me?

Hello Spotify - I am still having this issue and would definitely appreciate some help in resolving it. Seems to be something specific to my account, since it happens across browsers, networks, devices and not everyone else is experiencing it.

I tried creating a new free account under another email address and the API worked for that account, more evidence that there is some issue with my account that I need Spotify to fix. Spotify, could you please fix my account?

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