[AAOS] Spotify for Android Automotive desperately need improving


[AAOS] Spotify for Android Automotive desperately need improving




I'm running Spotify on Android Automotive in my new nice car (Polestar 2), but I was really disappointed by the Spotify app, because you are completely missing out on a lot of basic stuff:

  • Playlist folders are not displayed in my library.
  • Not possible to browse all albums by an artist (say what!). It seems like the oldest albums are removed from the list after a certain album count on the display. At the same time, there are lots of duplicate albums by each artist (most likely different versions of the same album).
  • Artist radio stations are not available.
  • Missing all the great stuff on the front page of the "normal phone app" (suggestions etc.).


What are your plans for adding this functionality (and other basic stuff from the "normal phone app") to get it up to speed?


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Me Too.

would be great if the Spotify App for Android automotive would get some love from the Spotify developers.


Oh yes,

The ability to start a ”random” radio and when you find an awesome song, you click on the album link to go to the song’s album 😍


I agree.


Please make it more like the normal app.


Also, can you fix the constant issue of the app pausing on Android automotive as it thinks it now playing the song on your Android smartphone.


I have to switch my mobile Bluetooth off and then close Spotify down on my phone which is really annoying as I then can't take calls in the car.


Please fix this, don't have any other issues with Spotify.