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ALLOWED? calling dance moves

ALLOWED? calling dance moves

I want to put out a free program for rueda calling.  Picture is worth 1000 words, as long as it works:

At Parties of Cuban music fans (and other places) people dance in a group, doing fairly complex moves to salsa  music.   One of the dancers shouts out the calls. 

It's an art to put together a nice sequence of moves, to call them just in time for the other dancers. If you're lucky there someone with the skill in the group.

An app could make it a lot easier, could even create sequences, and make the dance more enjoyable more often.

This dance is popular at informal parties.  But rueda is also taught at schools.  Right now it's up to a dance studio to license public performance or not, and this app
wouldn't change that at all.

So free app, no commercial bias... what do you think?  Allowable, or not?

thanks for opinions
esp if someone from spotify can make a call!



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