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Access international playlists / Get International Playlist ID

Access international playlists / Get International Playlist ID

Hi all,


I am a student located in Munich, Germany. I am planning to write my Master thesis around the topic of Data Analytics with Spotify. More precisely, I want to find out if the behavior of Spotify users from different countries can be matched to the cultural dimensions/characteristics (such as Trompenaars and Hofstede), as well as a chronological analysis on that development over time. For that I need access to playlists of different countries (e.g. Top Hits Australia 2016, 2017 ... ; Top Hits Sweden 2016, 2017 ... and so on). By my understanding, I am only able to access the playlists that were published in my home-country or the country were my Spotify account was created. Is there any way to receive the Playlist IDs for playlists from other countries, so that I can use them as base for my Analysis? I would really appreciate your help as I am not that experienced in working with the Spotify API and somehow have to build a solid data base in order to get some comparable results. Thanks in advance!



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I would like help to you.

hi @cksimoes,

thanks for the answer.
what would be the best way to reach you?

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