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Account suspension

Account suspension

My Spotify account got suspended today for this reason:


'It has come to Spotify’s attention that your account has engaged in unauthorized use of the Spotify service in violation of the Terms, including possibly engaging in unauthorized content downloads'


I reactivated it in the mean time by talking to an agent and confirming I will not do it again 🙂 The only issue - I've never downloaded anything from Spotify.


I am a developer and I have an app that is using the Spotify API. It's not published anywhere (yet). I am only querying the documented API endpoints. So I have a couple of questions:


  1. Can those 'downloads' that are mentioned be considered the metadata that I get through the calls?
  2. I see some calls from countries where I've never been. Could someone steal my client id/secret and do something harmful with it that will result in account suspension? For my peace of mind, I reset my client secret.
  3. Ultimately, is my own, personal account in danger by the way the API key is used? I expect that if there is any harmful usage of the API key, only the app declared in my Spotify dashboard will be suspended, not my personal account. This is very important to me, as I'm a big music addict and I don't want my account terminated for API calls reasons - I prefer to create a separate account for the developer dashboard, if this can happen.


To be honest, I just believe it was a mistake in Spotify's systems.

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 Hello, today i got the same email, same situation... How did you contact the agent to reactivate your account?


After 3 steps you will see a button: I still need help which will put you in contact with a support agent.

I had the same issue after using the API. Would be nice to know if I can continue using it without my account getting suspended.

My account was suspended too, but I have no idea why, they say I breached terms and conditions but can't say exactly what I did. However customer service is not able to help me like they helped you, hope this gets fixed soon.

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