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Samsung A51

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My Question or Issue:

 Spotify more up-to-date than it used to be, and it's beautiful. But for me, there's a feature that needs to be improved. I'll explain briefly by giving an example. 

For example, I've created a new playlist. I already have a playlist, but I'd like to add only some of the songs there to my newly created playlist. It's hard to add songs to the playlist we just created in the current system. We need to add individual songs or we can add them in the suggested songs section. It's too long and it takes and it's laborious. I think you can do something like this :

I will try to explain based on the example I gave. I'm going to my old playlist to add songs to my newly created playlist . I press three dots in a row, and there's an option like "CHOOSE SONG "

When I press here, there's a dot next to all the songs on my old playlist. I mark the songs I want to add to my new playlist by pressing those dots. I press the "SAVE" section at the top and the process ends. 

I hope I could tell you. If an update like this comes in, it's going to be really easy for me and users like me. 


Thank you, have a nice day. 



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