Api limit concern


Api limit concern

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Hi, I'm currently developing an app which in home it displays all the artist that I follow and for each of them I display their latest track. 
The problem is that to do this I need to invoke http://api.spotify.com/v1/me/following?type=artist until I read all the artists  (multiple pages) and then for each artist I have to invoke http://api.spotify.com/v1/artists/%7Bid%7D/albums for every album or single by using the "Get several albums" endpoint to obtain the albums with relative dates.


My concern is that if I have 10000 - 20000 users (for example) and a lot of them have a lot of followers, is the app going to throttle the API? 

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Re: Api limit concern

Music Fan

Yes, you'll have a lot of 429 (rate limit) errors. I published an idea a few months ago about this issue. It would be great if you like that idea