Apply for commercial approval

Apply for commercial approval


Dear reader,

i would like to ask if you know a way how i can get a written commercial approval for my app. I know that in the past you could fill out a form and hope, that Spotify would accept your idea, but I think that there is a new system now. 

If anyone could give any contact information in order to wirte an email request or so i would be very thankful.

Kind regards, Manuel Dolenz

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You can find all the details about the changes we announced last week here:


To answer your concrete question: If you're creating a new application it will be put in "Development Mode". From here you can submit a quota extension request. This is done through the developer dashboard where you will have to fill out a form with all the details about your app and any monetisation/commercial considerations. Your app will then be sent over for review.


Please spend some time reading through the new Developer Policy and Complying with Spotify's developer policy as well as our Developer Terms These documents provide more clarity on some of the types of commercial use cases we allow and don't allow.


If you have an existing app that was created before the roll out of this new system, your app is already in "Extended Quota Mode". Unfortunately this prevents you from submitting the app for review. We're actively working on adding this feature as soon as possible.


Hello Ohej,


thank you so much for your answer. As you have guessed correctly I have created my app before the roll out of the new system and therefore already have the "Extended Quota Mode". If I understand it right I have two options now.

1: wait for the implementation to review my app
2: or create a new app and just copy and paste my code there. Then apply for "Extended Quota Mode" and fill out all the forms to apply for commercial approval.


Thank you for your help.

Kind regards,

Manuel Dolenz


Both options would work yes 🙂 

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