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Authorize endpoint blocked due to MIME mismatch

Authorize endpoint blocked due to MIME mismatch


Macbook Pro


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I am trying to get login to work following the Authorization Code Flow. I thought I followed most of the guide, but keep running into a "Resource was blocked due to MIME type mismatch" error (Image Below).


Sometimes I am able to see the authorize page, other times I immediately end up with this Error page. I've attached the code I'm using for the /login route below.



app.get("/login", (req, res) => {
const state = generateRandomString(16);
res.cookie(STATE_KEY, state);

"" +
response_type: "code",
client_id: CLIENT_ID,
scope: SCOPE,
redirect_uri: REDIRECT_URI,
state: state,
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Your screenshot shows two more errors at the top: a 400 error and a 404 error, so I think those need to be fixed first.

Can you please drag the left side of the right window more to the left, so we can see the full URLs?

Also, I've decoded the URL of the MIME error and that's{2}. So I think you are trying to combine variables with URLs in a wrong way.

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