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Can't request Quota Extension

Can't request Quota Extension






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Hi! I have the following problem: I have programmed a Twitch Bot that allows the broadcaster to control the Spotify account or to request songs through the Twitch chat. It all works great, except that I now have the problem that 25 users are using this bot and I need the quota extension so that I can add more users. However, when I try this, it just shows me that I don't need it because I haven't used all 25 users yet.

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Did you got the response ? i was facing same issue and i am from USA. must shar what should i do.


No, I still don't know what to do.

Til today, i cant request the quota extension for personal usage. What should I do?

"Your use case does not require a quota extension, and you can exit this form. Remember that you have access to all authorization scopes and can onboard 25 users in development mode. These users must be explicitly added under the section "Users and Access" before they can authenticate with your app."

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