Can the web API be used to pull band data?


Can the web API be used to pull band data?


I want to help artists support themselves and other artists or groups. 

I would like to know if the API cna be used to search all of spotify and pull data about artists so it cna be filtered by things like genre, monthly listens, date of last submission etc. I'd also like to be able to pull the social media contact info if the artist posted that to spotify. 

I'm not a developer. But I've been told it's theoretically possible, but considered 'Data mining' and enters ethical areas. 


I want to be able to pull lists together of bands similar to mine, with roughly the same it of listeners, so we can build playlists and share each other's music. 


Is this possible sing the API?


Thanks you!

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Re: Can the web API be used to pull band data?

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Hey @Madwagon, thanks for coming to the Spotify Community Developers board!


Let's see what's possible. You can call the following with the Spotify Web API with regard to artists: 

GET/v1/artists/{id}Get an Artistartist
GET/v1/artists/{id}/albumsGet an Artist's Albumsalbums
GET/v1/artists/{id}/top-tracksGet an Artist's Top Trackstracks
GET/v1/artists/{id}/related-artistsGet an Artist's Related Artistsartists
GET/v1/artistsGet Several Artistsartists


When using the 'Get an Artist'-endpoint; you'll get an 'artist object' which contains all the information that's on this page. If you're missing something here, I recommend creating a new idea on the Ideas board. That way, Spotify can keep track of all feedback.


Feel free to give me a shout, if you have any questions!


Have a great day and happy coding,


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