the ability to pull "Total Plays" for each song in a playlist.


I come from a background of analytics and programming, and I'm now using my skills in the music industry!


One stream of income is through DJing. When I prepare my DJ sets, I use data to drive my decisions (e.g. grouping songs of similar key and BPM).


I'd like to more easily test how crowds react to each song's Total Plays on Spotify. I do pull and use the "Popularity" score provided, but it is unclear how this score is actually calculated and it seems too ambiguous to use. I do like using Total Plays, but for that data, I must manually look up each song individually (Spotify Desktop App ⇨ Album).


To prepare for my performances, I manually look up each song's play count and add it to my local music library's metadata. The Total Plays is constantly changing, so the benefit is short-lived. However, pulling and re-pulling the data is worth it.


If I could pull a playlist report that includes the Total Plays field, it would save me a tremendous amount of time. I would simply add Spotify's GUID to each song in my local music library once, pull the report periodically, and have them update automatically.


Thank you in advance for considering this request.

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This is asked many times, and is still not possible.

I can only help you with a playlist of tracks with over 1 billion streams: Billions Club.

Thank you for your response, Ximzend!



Have you ever across a statement from Spotify that might explain why Total Plays is not available in the API? I've been unable to find any reason, but perhaps there's a valid one. However, I'm hopeful that including Total Plays just hasn't been a priority for them and that the use cases haven't been outlined clearly by developers.


Total Plays is publically available data at the track level, so those hungry enough (and willing to do the manual work) are able to get that information by going through the Spotify Desktop App ⇨ Album. Total Plays is simply a field in their database, so I'm led to believe that this field would be easy for Spotify to add to the API.



At the very least, I hope that Spotify will provide more clarity as to how the Popularity score is calculated. More clarity on that calculation would make this field more useful.

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