Do I have to wait for commercial app approval?


Do I have to wait for commercial app approval?


Hello all developers,


As a person who started learning how to code 3 months ago, I built an awesome app for Desktop which is working with Spotify Web API.


The app is complete and ready to release. It has no advertising etc. right now and follows branding rules.


I am planning to add a donation button for people who enjoyed the app which leads to a Patreon page or Payoneer page for supporting me while I try to transform this app for mobile platforms.


So that means I am not selling anything and just let people support me if they want. If you don't want to support you can still use the app.


As far as I know, I can publish the app without a donation button right now, but what wonder is do I have to wait for approval for the donation button?


I applied for approval just in case.


Thanks for your opinions.

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We recently announced our new Developer Policy and "Complying with Spotify's developer policy".


These documents provide more clarity on what's allowed in terms of commercial use. 


I suggest you read the blog post announcing the changes,  then dive into the developer policy and related documents. More specifically the "Streaming and Commercial Use" section of the Developer Policy and the "Commercial Use" section of the Complying with Spotify's Developer Policy document.


If your use case seems to fit within the guidelines you can submit a quota extension request, which will trigger a review. 

Casual Listener

Hi. I was going to ask the same question but found this one. Would it be allowed to add a donation button for single donations to an web application implementing the Spotify apis?