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Embedding Spotify on commercial website/eshop

Embedding Spotify on commercial website/eshop

Hi everyone, 


I have a question that Google couldn't help me with thus far - for my start up/new brand, I would like to include a Spotify Playlist (created by me) on our e-commerce onlineshop. I would like to know if there are any legal restrictions/things to be careful about concerning this idea since we are not a private user but a company, and also sell directly through the website. I'm located in Germany and also only sell/deliver to Germany and Austria (in case that information is relevant).


Are there any legal brains around here that could help me out with this?


Thanks a lot in advance!

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Hello. Can I ask whether the playlist contains music you have recorded yourself or if it is a compilation of other peoples music protected by copyright? I imagine it is the latte. I find this an interesting question and would love to know the answer.


This slight clarification may help future responders. 

Your idea to include a Spotify Playlist on your e-commerce site sounds awesome! As for the legal side, it's wise to tread carefully. I once had a similar idea for my blog and sought advice from a friend who runs a web development agency. They highlighted the importance of ensuring proper licensing for any music used in a commercial context. Since you're in Germany, there might be specific regulations to consider. Maybe consult with legal experts or even reach out to Spotify directly for guidance tailored to your situation.

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