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Get All Categories - Podcasts

Get All Categories - Podcasts

The addition of Podcasts APIs into the Spotify Web API has been most welcome, however there's a few things that would make this even more useful, we can already get the list of categories for music with the Get All Categories, however a similar endpoint to get this information for Podcasts would be quite useful to enhance the ability to browse for Podcasts on Spotify. Are there any plans to add listing categories and related lists for Podcasts to the Spotify Web API?

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Thanks for the feedback, @RoguePlanetoid! I will share this idea with other folks on the team. Could you tell us more about the browsing use case? Is this a challenge that you've come across in an app that you are working on?

We can already browse for Music in the various Categories using the API but thought it would be interesting if we can do the same for Podcasts. Currently it is only possible to Search for them and see what Saved Podcasts (Shows) people are already following but might be great to expose the Categories and the Shows within those Categories to make it easier for that content to be used within external applications and certainly would be nice to have this content retrievable from the API

That makes sense - thanks for the added detail ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi RoguePlanetoid! Did you find a way to get this information?

I don't think, as yet, this has been added to the API for Spotify but I hope it does as Podcasts are treated equally in the Spotify Client with their own categories etc so would be great if this can be integrated into third-party experiences also, I would certainly be keen on doing that and know that others would too, hopefully something that will be looked into being added to Spotify for Developers

I know! I had to find my way around it and get the categories with a crawler of apple podcasts. Let me know if this is something you are interested in and I can either send you the list of podcasts with categories/subcategories or the crawler if you work with Python.

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