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Getting user listening history specific to an artist

Getting user listening history specific to an artist

Hi all. I have a question related to extending the recently-played endpoint in the spotify api. When creating experiences online for specific acts, it would be useful to specify artists in the api, so rather than return the last 50 tracks it would return the last 50 tracks for the artist.

I understand that this would require a more extensive analysis of the user's history - does this history exist at the platform level or are recently-played requests made on a current subset of the user's data? If it is available to query, but not using the current public api, what would the process be to contact the development or platform teams to discuss these requirement further?

We as an agency work on a number of projects for key artists, and this is a question that crops up regularly, alongside the well-covered question of number of plays of a track from a user etc.


tldr: is it possible to reach out to anyone at spotify to discuss more in-depth data analysis requirements on a commercial level?

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Thanks it was very helpful

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