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Ilegal Scope after Quota extension

Ilegal Scope after Quota extension

I recently got a quota extension for my app. However know I get an Ilegal Scope issue everytime I try to get the user to add a playlist to their account. If the user is not logged in, it will bring them to the login screen and then show the Ilegal Scope, but when I check on the Spotify Web Player the user is logged in but the playlist is not added. If the user has been logged in before trying to add the playlist it just directly shows Ilegal Scope. I just checked that all my scopes are types correct and I am only using the ones approved. What else could it be? The scopes I am using are:

- user-read-private

- user-read-email

- playlist-modify-public

- playlist-modify-private

- playlist-modify


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Seems like I had an invalid scope afterall. Everything worked fine after 

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