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Individual Track Popularity on "Get multiple Albums" Endpoint

Individual Track Popularity on "Get multiple Albums" Endpoint

I've been looking into developing a web-app with Spotify and noticed that there is a key difference in API responses for Tracks between different endpoints. When I fetch a list of Tracks from, say, the Playlist endpoint or Fetch Multiple Tracks endpoints, I receive the `popularity` property as a field directly on the Track response itself. However, whenever I use the Fetch Multiple Albums endpoint, while it does return a `popularity` property per ALBUM, it seems to have omitted this information from the Track itself. 


So it leaves me with this predicament where I want both pieces of information, but it essentially forces me to do an entire second set of Fetch operations to get this single piece of information for each individual track when it appears like there was simply this information missing from a serializer somewhere.


Would love to at least get some insight to this as it slows down my page load time significantly for Artists with a large discography!


Thanks in advance!



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