Listening to music together -Premium and Free accounts-


Listening to music together -Premium and Free accounts-


I've seen some products in the app store which connect Spotify Premium users and enable people to listen to music together synchronously. I would like to ask if this is possible for Spotify Free users as well. Is item 2 and 3 below feasible through the API ?


1. Premium User listening to other Premium user's playback (Already deployed in the market.)

2. Free User listening to Premium user's playback 

3. Free User listening to other Free User's shuffle playback


The official document ( states that the following is possible:


  • Shuffle playback for Spotify Free users 🔈
  • On-demand playback for Spotify Premium users 🔈

I believe above is referring to a situation when a user listens to music by himself, and what I want to understand is a situation when users listen synchronously with friends, like in the Spotify Group Session.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Listening to music together -Premium and Free accounts-

Listening together is not available on our public api yet